Improve building operations and save energy thanks to BIM and IoT

The BUILDing360 portal developed by HHM enables digital planning, construction and management. In the current project, work is being done on the cross-site monitoring of buildings with BUILDing360.cockpit using the example of the digital twin of the Innovation Park Central Switzerland Rotkreuz. Cloud-based networking of the building information model with a start-up’s IoT sensors and building automation elements makes building management and monitoring a reality.

Project status 100%

Initial situation

Building management requires complete and up-to-date data bases that can be presented in a spatial context. Through the cloud-based networking of 3D building information models (BIM) with asset management databases, building automation systems, IoT sensors as well as geoportals, the BUILDing360.cockpit portal enables cross-location monitoring and optimization of the real estate portfolio. The core of the application is the customer’s desire for cross-portfolio information transparency with a “data-at-the-center” approach that clearly regulates data and access sovereignty.

Objectives & Technology

The goal of the project is the development of a cloud-based application on the level of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which demonstrates the benefits and added values of digital building models in the management of a real estate portfolio by means of two realistic application scenarios. The solution is based on Autodesk Forge, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and ThingDust IoT technologies.

Procedure & Solution

The focus is on the creation of the digital twin of the Innovation Park Central Switzerland based on the BUILDing360 component system, including furnishing, materialization and enrichment of manufacturer data as well as the creation of the web application with dashboard, IoT integration, model viewer, query and analysis tools. Two scenarios were implemented:

  • Using IoT sensors to plan the conversion in the digital twin
  • Using IoT sensors to identify and correct faults in building operations

Learnings & Results

The MVP represents a showcase of a building information system based on a concrete object (IPZ), which can be experienced both digitally and in reality. The application will also be accessible online from spring 2020.

Project Management:

Matthias Liechti
Head of competence field BIM
+41 79 744 41 72

Anastasiya Bosova
Product Management BUILDing360
+41 78 825 13 85