Boosting Energy Transformation 2050 by accelerated removal & replacement of inefficient domestic refrigeration

It’s (global) time to act! The energy transformation (Swiss: 2050) is under huge time pressure, in the housing sector the implementation speed is not fast enough! The housing sector has a big impact on the national energy & carbon base line. White goods are consuming ~9% of national energy, refrigeration devices consuming ~33% of white goods energy.

Project status 40%


Energy consumption of domestic refrigeration could be reduced by almost 40% replacing all less efficient units with devices rated A+++.

  • Swiss based household refrigeration units are consuming ~1.7 TWh, equivalent to~9% of national household energy and 3% of total
  • >50% of refrigeration units are older than 10 years, consuming almost 60% of total energy
  • 20% of the units are used for more than 15 years, consuming ~ 30% of total energy
  • Up-to-date refrigeration units offering ~40% efficiency gains compared to older devices
  • Traditional efficiency programs have limited impact due to low energy cost gains and not being credible in terms of ecological motivation


  • Efficiency Improvement Program driven by manufacturers, trade and supported by BFE
  • Motivating owners/users to remove/replace inefficient appliances; 1st category: refrigeration
  • Reducing energy consumption of domestic refrigeration by up to 55% replacing less efficient units with best-in-class devices rated A+++


FEA / Electrical Apparatus Association

SFOE / Swiss Federal Office of Energy(Proklima)

eae / energy agency electrical appliances

Project lead.

Dirk Hoffmann (FEA)

Project team.

Diego de Pedrini (eae)

Jürg Berner (FEA)

Sem Mattli (Switzerland Innovation Park Central)