Integrating Project Delivery #IPD as one of the measures to mitigate the #skillshortage:

What distinguishes successful IPD projects? Where are the challenges? What are the next steps for further successful IPD projects in CH? The #IPDlab of Switzerland Innovation Park Central invited more than 30 investors, executing companies, planners and representatives from #teaching and #research to address these questions. We from the Institute Digital Building FHNW of the Hochschule für Architektur, Bau und Geomatik FHNW were allowed to introduce the event thematically. Bernard Steiner presented Batir’s IPD proposal, #ETHZ and #FHNW. Urs von Arx from HHM Group (HEFTI. HESS. MARTIGNONI.) presented with the new building unique the Thermoplan AG presented the first IPD practical project. Katja Lässer from Implenia, Lucia Nievergelt and Philipp Wieting presented further IPD practice projects and Dr.-Ing. René Huppertz showed the state of IPD in Germany.

It’s impressive to see that things are really moving in the #construction industry. New forms of process and organization: The joint operational management of projects by planners, executors and clients or castings instead of classic tenders are just a few keywords. The new togetherness creates space for the essential and generates a team spirit that creates joy. A great argument for professionals who want to make a difference.

Thank you Dr. Maximilian Richter for the moderation, Tobias Achermann for the framework and Sem David Mattli for the role of host. We look forward to continuing in specific workshops in 2022.

Daniel Bührer Christian Eichhorn Magdalena Mateescu Konrad Graser Bernard Stones