ITZ InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz is a non-profit association with around 200 members and is mandated by the six cantons of Central Switzerland to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs with the “zentralschweiz innovativ” programme. ITZ is the comprehensive platform and contact point in terms of innovation and supports innovations from all disciplines in their development and implementation. No matter whether it is a question of new products, services, process improvements or business and organisational models. Within the framework of the free coaching, ITZ clarifies your needs and then supports you in the implementation of your idea up to the marketable innovation. ITZ, a core member of the Innovation Park Central Switzerland, is involved on-site in Rotkreuz with experienced
Innovation Coaches and actively shapes the initiative. This close cooperation is creating a unique innovation network for the benefit of Central Switzerland as a business location.

Photo by Christoph Lang

Christian Lang

Managing Director

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