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The IPD Lab is a Switzerland-wide neutral platform for innovative settlement models

At IPD Lab, we bring together people who want to redefine the future of the construction industry. To this end, we bring together research and industry partners who jointly implement projects according to innovative execution models in order to optimize construction processes.

Together with our members, we create an understanding of the topic of IPD and develop the prerequisites for defining established standard processes throughout Switzerland from current pilot projects.

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The construction industry is struggling with many problems. Current project delivery systems result in high inefficiency, low productivity, conflicting goals and interests between owners, contractors and other stakeholders. In response, integrated project delivery (IPD) was developed.

IPD is an innovative project delivery method characterized by early, collaborative, and collective involvement of key stakeholders in all phases of project implementation.




In the IPD Lab, knowledge teams drive content. The results are shown at different events within Switzerland.

In addition, we also organize our own events, where we place particular emphasis on practical relevance. Feel free to follow us and become part of the community.

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IPD Lab Agenda 2022, Switzerland Innovation Park Central


Together we develop the new IPD standards on the co-creation platform and launch IPD construction projects that are accompanied by research. Together, we use real construction projects to learn from mistakes and document recipes for success along the construction process.

Our success method promises better coordination between the parties involved, which means that deadlines are met more often and quality can be increased. The efficiency gains and the potential of the new method are measured and analyzed in our best practices for the Swiss construction industry.

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A uniform understanding of the different terms and definitions is important so that the actors involved can act efficiently and purposefully with each other. Knowledge is consistently shared within the network and ideas are further developed using an open innovation approach.

As an IPD Lab, we not only provide you with the latest research and practical experience, but we also offer you the opportunity to participate in shaping the construction process of the future.


You are an orderer and want to implement your next construction project in an innovative, sustainable and efficient way? We would be happy to help you get started on an IPD project.



On the co-creation platform we share current IPD projects from Switzerland and the world. For this purpose, we collect our acquired know-how in the form of presentations, whitepapers or videos.

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Dr. Maximilian Richter

Dr. Maximilian Richter

Switzerland Innovation Park Central

Tobias Achermann

Tobias Achermann

Switzerland Innovation Park Central