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Jointcreate is the platform for our community to make open innovation work. We put your project idea in the spotlight and connect you with experts to make your project idea a reality together with you. In addition, you have the possibility to submit your idea specifically to a call for proposals. In the message stream you get all the latest information about new projects, calls, posts and community activities. Discover the platform and register to become a more active part of the community.

Project News.

  • September 2021: Jointcreate will receive future support from AI! We are developing a recommender system together with HSLU Informatik.
  • September 2021: Our student team created a valuable project paper for our business plan.
  • July 2021: We receive the second tranche of funding from the Zurich Metropolitan Conference and are allowed to present the project result.
  • April 2021: We finish the first project phase and look proudly on an active community and a great platform.
  • March 2021: The NTN Innovation Booster Block Chain Nation Switzerland is launched on
  • January 2021: NTN Innovation Booster Energy Lab becomes the first large community on
  • January 2021: The platform goes live! Visits
  • December 2020: The test operation is in full swing. The project team meets regularly to discuss the current status and further steps.
  • November 25, 2020: In a workshop, the needs of representatives of the public sector were collected and the platform was presented.
  • November 19, 2020: Test operations have begun. The project team and a selected group of test persons continuously test the platform and its functions and provide valuable feedback for further development.
  • November 06, 2020: The platform and its features are taking shape. The circle of partners is constantly expanding.
  • 16 September 2020: We already have CHF 31,500 pledged for third-party funding.
  • August 15, 2020: We already have CHF 25,000 pledged for third-party funding!
  • July 22, 2020: We have secured the domains, and
  • July 10, 2020: the front end enters the design phase.
  • 2 July 2020: The Metropolitan Conference has pledged CHF 50,000 in funding. A further CHF 50,000 will be contributed if third-party funds are raised in the same amount.
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jointcreate impressions.

What was the initial situation?

Many innovative companies and institutions enrich the Swiss economic area and contribute to Switzerland’s first place in the innovation ranking of the Global Innovation Index. In order to maintain this leading position and create added value for a global society, cross-organisational innovation is becoming increasingly important. The increase in complexity and speed as well as the rapid technological change make this indispensable.

Switzerland already has a comprehensive innovation ecosystem. We have ten universities, two Federal Institutes of Technology, various universities of applied sciences and other private research institutions that collaborate intensively with industry. This ecosystem was further expanded through the creation of Switzerland Innovation with its regional innovation parks. The innovation infrastructure is currently strongly focused on “hardware” – buildings, laboratories and other infrastructure that supports innovation. An integral, digital and open portal for digital networking and collaboration is missing. We want to change this and digitally expand the Swiss innovation infrastructure with an open Joint Innovation Portal.

What are our goals?

  • Development of a cloud-based community platform that unites all innovation actors.
  • People, projects, tenders, institution and events are connected digitally beyond their existing boundaries in a faster and targeted way. The platform does not replace physical collaboration, but enhances it.
  • The platform makes it possible to present people, projects, organizations and events related to Joint Innovation in an attractive and interactive way.
  • The platform enables the identification of common challenges and equips them with resources.
  • The platform makes it possible to guide joint innovation projects through the various phases of the innovation process – always tailored to the needs of the users.

Outlook and Next Steps.

The platform is constantly being further developed. We are currently expanding the platform with specific requirements in order to network research institutions more quickly and easily. In addition, we are developing a recommender system to provide information accurately in the future.

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Adrian Bachhofen
VRP bbv Group AG
+41 41 429 01 12

Sem Mattli
Switzerland Innovation Park Central
+41 41 531 13 21

Project Team

Sem Mattli

Sem Mattli

Innovation Park Central Switzerland

Adrian Bachofen

Adrian Bachofen

bbv Software Services AG

Alexander Steinecker

Alexander Steinecker


Reto Largo

Reto Largo

NEST / Empa

Michele Kellerhals

Michele Kellerhals

Lucerne University

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