Reducing the CO2 emissions and optimizing the energy consumption in asphalt production.

Alternative Energies will help to reduce the CO2 footprint of an asphalt production site. Asphalt production nowadays is mainly driven by the usage of fossil high-density fuels. Asphalt production companies are seeking for alternative solutions to make the production of asphalt much more sustainable. Moreover, the recycling of old asphalt harvested from used roads needs to be considered as well.

Projektstatus 10%


In collaboration with Implenia a list of preliminary questions regarding their process is in creation and a visit to Implenia site in Ecublens (VD) is planned. The overhaul of their site in Satigny (GE) will take place soon, which includes improvements of their industrial processes, based on new processes and operating requirements in addition to the experience and feedback of the new Ecublens site.


The following questions should be addressed by this project:

  • How can we run an asphalt production site with the minimum amount of fossil high-density fuels?
  • How can we increase the thermal efficiency of such a plant?
  • How can we increase the amount of recycled asphalt in the whole production process?

Initial situation.

Implenia as one of the project partners is seeking for an optimized solution as they have plans to rebuild an existing production site in 2021. A first

Outlook and next steps.

The project team will settle a meeting to start a next workshop to dive into the problem exploration phase. Interested partners of the energy lab are still welcome to join the project team.


Sara Eicher
School of Management and Engineering Vaud

Francois Guisan
Implenia Suisse SA